Rolling shutter systems
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Rolling shutters reduce energy costs year-round, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In fact, they can improve insulation by as much as 63%, a cost saving that over will pay for itself. The interlocking slat design allows ambient light to pass through even when closed, creating a comfortable, softly lit environment. All while keeping noise out and privacy in.

Most frequent extruded aluminium profile is the perforated one, wich is common used for airing the block. We manufacture all possible aluminium profiles, galvanized and stainless steel. Theese profiles are use most frequently because of their long life prefrences. For more dinamic design you can middle-apply perforated profile.

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Rolling shutters: Colors
Our products are custom-made to the exact dimensions of the windows and doors and are available in a variety of designer colors.

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Why choose rolling door systems?
The ultimate protection for sun, cold, security, storms, noise control and privacy.Rolling shutters’ tough, weather resistant, interlocking slats provide protection from all intruders with the simple touch of a button. Once closed, rolling shutters lock securely in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I still open/close my shutter in case of power breakdown?
Of course you can. You should open the box mounted on the wall near the shutter with the key given during montage. While you turn the handle in the box to the opposite direction by 180°, shutter can be lift by hands and you can lift it with your hand force by holding the shutter from its both sides, or, handle the bottom side of the plastic mechanism hanging down near the shutter, and you should turn the plastic component on the top of this mechanism counter-clockwise. After the shutter is lift enough, you should bring the handle to the previous position. When the power cut ends, you should follow normal use process. After manual use do not forget to bring the mechanism to the previous position, and lock the box.

My shutter desn't work, what should I do?
Check out whether your remote-controller works or not. Press the button on the remote-controller. In case of weak or no signal, change battery. If your shutter works with button or switch, control the electricity. Check out electricty network; main fuses, shutter fuses, electricity cables, fuses on controller pane.

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